Reward Users for Engaging With Your Platform

RewardStream’s Engage & Earn platform enables you to grow and develop your community in a unique and interactive environment. Users complete a series of customized tasks in exchange for cryptocurrencies or your native tokens. Sign up and start growing your community today!

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How it works

Create your engagement materials.

Users engage with your tasks and courses to earn rewards.

Choose your reward type.

Educate users about your platform

RewardStream's Engage & Earn platform allows you to incentivize users to complete tasks, actions and learning courses. 

Easily reward your users

The more users engage with your brand, the more rewards they earn.

Track your results and engagement

View real-time analytics regarding user engagement with your brand.

The top three benefits

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Get access to run targeted marketing to our exclusive facebook groups with over 100,000 crypto enthusiasts

We offer custom solutions for reaching a wider audience and have exclusive advertising access to private groups. 

Through our partnership with MouseBelt University, you can target the largest group of college organizations in the world. MouseBelt University is a platform that unifies students from over 65 universities around the world, providing real-world blockchain education and support to its students.

Reach the largest group of college organizations

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