Customer loyalty

for the digital age

We empower businesses with plug-and-play Bitcoin rewards to drive acquisition, conversion, and retention.


Bitcoin is a fun, unique, & experiential reward


Bitcoin is a loyalty differentiator

Why Bitcoin (BTC) as a Reward?




Digital natives, Millennials, & Gen-Z want Bitcoin


Bitcoin provides instant gratification to excite conversion

Bitcoin is seamless to accept and distribute globally

Bitcoin transactions alleviate all banking fees

Increase personalization, loyalty, & differentiation

Forge stronger relationships with consumers as you increase stickiness & growth via enhanced loyalty differentiation.

Streamline rewards process

We provide a custodial service & consumer distribution capabilities for rewards. Our consumer wallet & dashboard manage reward holdings & withdrawals.

Track your rewards & engagement

View analytics regarding reward distribution & consumer engagement with your brand in our company dashboard.

RewardStream: Benefits, Value, & Features

Plug-and-play API Integration

Reward at all points of the consumer life cycle. Plug Bitcoin rewards into your loyalty program, referral program, surveys, web store, or other engagement actions.

RewardStream Rewards-as-a-Service Solution



Plug in Bitcoin rewards as a unique promotional offer, as a cash-back purchase incentive, for referrals and surveys, or for any brand engagement.

RewardStream supports Bitcoin & Ethereum distribution.

RewardStream handles all the components for the company and consumer throughout the process.

RewardStream API



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